TRENDZ Art Classes for all !!

TRENDZ Art Classes for all !!
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Welcome to TRENDZ art therapy classes for all. If you are looking for art classes that will inspire and fulfill YOU, look no further. Our art classes for all provide relaxation, creative expression, and detox your mind & escape from your routine life. Learn artistic technique combined with your authentic self-expression and feel encouraged to BE YOU, as you tap into your creativity! In our warm, non-competitive art studio, express yourself fully and feel the freedom and joy of your inner-creativity!

At Trendz Art Studio, you will feel nurtured and encouraged through art classes. Through 1-on-1 art instruction provided, each student is guided, step by step, by expert artists. You will learn how to transform the world’s real life objects as well as your imaginations into your creativity.


All of our art classes are beginner-friendly!



1. Drawing & Sketching

2. Color Concepts

3. Collage Making

4. Card Making

5. Quilling


1.Drawing & Sketching :-

a.Basic elements of design.

b.Object drawing with shape.

c.Easy & simple figures (human, bird,animal)

d.Compositions(jungle scene,underwater,rainy season,etc.)


2. Color Concepts :-

a.Study of color wheel.

b.Monochrome composition.

c. polychrome composition.


3. Collage Making :-

a.Paper collage with crayon.

b.Paper collage with water colour.

c.Paper collage with mix media.

d.Paper collage with colour pencil.


4.Card Making :-

a.Basic elements of card design.

b.Division of space.

c. Colour concept.

d. Final compositions(of different occasions)


5. Quilling:-

a. Basics of Quiling

b. shapes and objects.

c. complex designs and accessories.


Limited seats available !

Call or whatsapp 9811035589 / 9811325589 / 7838225589 to book your seat today !

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