NIFT Situation Test Preparation

by Trendz Academy | September 22, 2010 9:05 am

Let us start with some Situation Test FAQs to clear the air of doubts.

What is the NIFT Situation Test ?

The situation test is a two hour test held at the NIFT campus for those students who clear the first part of the exam. This is the final stage in the exam for getting through this dream institute to study an under an undergraduate course of your choice. After this there is no other test and NIFT comes out with the final results. Once you have appeared for this test, you will have to wait for another month or so to get to know if you are going to be studying at NIFT or not !

What to expect in the Situation Test for NIFT?

Well you can expect to get to make a 3 dimensional model out of some basic materials provided This material may include simple things like –
Crepe paper
Paper clips
Icecream sticks
Some other similar stuff

What is the task ?

The task in the NIFT situation test is to create a 3D model which is self standing, well presented and pot raying the given theme. What you make would be judged by a panel of NIFT faculty and industry experts and marked. This test carries a weight of 20% of the total. Sounds like a small percentage but in the stiff competition, a mark more in this test can get you through or give you a better ranking which would ultimately come handy while choosing the center from the various NIFT locations.

What are they looking for in my creation ?

A spark. enthusiasm. dedication. ability. uniqueness of idea. a go-getter attitude. a spirited approach to work. Anything which tells them that this kid is definitely capable of something. They are not looking for a ready made designer but someone who has the characterstics which would make a good designer. And when someone has been on a job to look for this type of talent amongst so many, one develops an eye to spot that in the work. This is exactly what the examiners do. They are on a lookout for raw talent which they can groom into future designers.

It’s pretty logical. Try to put yourself into their shoes and you will understand it better.

How do I prepare for the NIFT Situation Test?

Create your unique creative identity so that out of the 4000 odd models that will be made on that day your model should stand out. We here at Trendz Academy provide the best training for NIFT that will guide you the process to reach unique creative identity through our class room coaching programmer and for those who can’t come down to our center we have a postal coaching for situation test also.

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