MIT soft rocker solar powered sun lounger

MIT soft rocker solar powered sun lounger
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‘soft rocker‘ is a solar powered outdoor rocking lounger whereby you can relax and recharge your electronics.
developed by architecture students at MIT, lead by professor sheila kennedy, the furniture piece uses the
human power of balance to create an interactive 1.5 axis, 35 watt solar tracking system.
the lounger utilizes a 12-ampere hour battery storing the solar energy harvested during sunlight hours
so you to charge your gadgets even after sunset.

a number of ‘soft rockers’ are currently installed within MIT’s killian court for use until the end of this weekend.


up close of the ‘soft rocker’


the loungers make for a good place to socialize and engage in group work


the solar powered charging station


the battery also allows you to turn on a strip of light tape that runs along the interior of the lounger


via dvice

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