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  1. i) Institute is situated strategically in the heart of Mumbai City, in a picturesque surrounding. Built up area: 6,000 sq. feet Carpet area: 40,000 sq. feet.
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  1. ii) Well-illuminated and ventilated, classrooms with ample moving space for the students.
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iii) Well-equipped illustration studio where 150 students can sit comfortably and work.

  1. iv) Well-equipped Photography studio and a shooting studio with ample instruments
  2. v) A Print-shop with 4 printing machines and a complete infra-structure of Silk Screen Printing Studio.
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  1. vi) One workshops with hand tools and various equipments for students to experiment.

vii) A multi-purpose Assembly Hall with built in platform for studnets’ Activities.

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viii) A Display room for occasional academic displays and to exhibit students’ work to show their progress.

  1. ix) A Computer Terminal Room.
  2. x) A Room for Spray Painting.
  3. xi) A Video and Audio-Visual Room.

xii) The institute’s library has more than 8000 books and many periodicals in collection. A well illuminated ample space for readers with a photo-copying facility.

xiii) A well managed Hostel for 120 students.

xiv) The institute has a Gymnasium, a Gymkhana and a Playground.

  1. xv) Separate common rooms for boys and girls students.

xvi) Canteen.