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1. Which academic stream in my XII standard (or equivalent) should I have studied in to be eligible for the UCEED examination?

Students from any academic stream (e.g. science, arts & humanities, commerce etc.) in their XII standard (or equivalent), are eligible to apply for UCEED.

2. Are there any books that I can study to prepare for UCEED?

UCEED is a design aptitude test. Aptitude tests assume that individuals have inherent strengths and weaknesses, and are naturally inclined toward success or failure in certain areas based on their inherent characteristics. Except for the syllabi section ‘Environmental and social awareness’ which will test your general awareness in the topics outlined under it, the remaining five sections will test your aptitude. Consequently there are no text or reference books that we can recommend.

3. My birth date is only a few days/weeks/months/years short of the age eligibility criteria. Can you make an exemption for me?


4. I passed my XII standard in 2014 (or earlier). Can you make an exemption for me?


5. How is that students from all academic streams are eligible to apply for UCEED?

Design is an interdisciplinary activity. Holistic design considers the sciences, arts, technology, economics, media, policy, society and culture. Successful designers have backgrounds in the arts, sciences and the humanities. We believe the B. Des. aspirants at IDC, IIT Bombay can come from any background and learn to become good designers through our well-rounded curriculum.

6. Many design aptitude exams that I know of, test drawing skills. How will drawing skills be tested in an objective type examination like UCEED?

While drawing skills can demonstrate a person’s visualization skills, there are equally effective or better ways to test such skills through objective measures. Besides, we recognise that many students may not have had drawing skills training in their 10+2 schooling, and therefore UCEED will not put them at a disadvantage.

7. Why is UCEED not held in my city? Can you have a center in my city?

Conducting a national level exam is a massive exercise. The UCEED 2016 Committee carefully considered all logistical and operational factors, including information based on UCEED 2015 applicants, before deciding on the 14 cities where UCEED 2016 will be held. In addition to the 9 cities where UCEED 2015 was held, 5 new cities have been added for UCEED 2016. For further details .

8. I appeared for UCEED 2015 but did not qualify. Can I appear for UCEED 2016?

Yes you can, provided you meet the age and year of passing qualification certificate criteria as mentioned here. However do note that a candidate can attempt UCEED for a maximum of two times only and that too in consecutive years, and that the UCEED score is valid only for admissions in the corresponding academic year.

9. What will be the format of the UCEED question paper?

For detailed information about the question paper

10. Will there be negative marking?

This year, unlike 2015 UCEED, all three sections of the question paper have negative marking. For further details

11. I made a mistake while filling up the application form. What should I do?

Send an email to with details related to your application (registration number, candidate name, and mobile phone number) and describing clearly the nature of the mistake. Where possible we will rectify the mistake, or advise you on what to do next. However do note that it will entirely be the responsibility of the candidate to provide the correct information regarding the category, the qualifying examination (XII Class or equivalent), and the date of birth and category during the application process. IIT Bombay has the right to cancel, at any stage, the admission of a candidate in accordance with the rules and regulations in force, if it is found that any information provided by the candidate is not true.

12. I filled up the application form, but I was unable to complete the fee payment successfully. What should I do?

There could be several reasons for this, including, but not limited to slow internet speed leading to time-outs, bad connection to the payment gateway, conflicting browser settings or browser compatibility. When a payment error occurs, and you are unable to go back to retry payment, make sure you are using the recommended browsers and versions, clear your browser cookies and cache or try using a different browser altogether.

If the problem persists, you can either call us at the contact numbers given in website, or send an email to with details related to your application (registration number, candidate name and mobile phone number) and describing clearly the nature of the problem. All the problems related to the payment for each and every candidate will be sorted out before the last date of application submission.

13. Besides the photo & signature, what other documents should I upload at the time of applying for UCEED?

All candidates should upload a photo ID. The photo ID can either be a scanned copy of the hall ticket/admit card of the BOARD EXAM for those who appeared in 2015 or, for those who do not possess the hall ticket/admit card of the board exam, and for those who will be appearing in 2016, a scanned copy of the certificate from the school/college principal in the given format (Annexure 1) should be uploaded (only PDF formats with file extension .pdf will be accepted).

The address, email and phone number to be filled in Annexure 1 are that of the school/college. After you have scanned and uploaded the PDF of Annexure 1, keep the form safe. The same form is to be produced in original as the photo ID, along with the Admit Card at the examination centre on examination day.

For complete details of documents required for UCEED application

14. Can you give me more information about admission to B.Des programme in IIT Guwahati?

Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati will admit through the UCEED 2016, students to its Bachelor of Design (B. Des) programme from 2016-17 academic years onwards, subject to the following:

  • (i) Only those candidates who pass Class XII with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as subjects and, qualify in UCEED, shall be eligible for admission to B. Des programme of the Institute.
  • (ii) Once admitted to the B. Des programme, such students shall not be eligible for branch change to any other undergraduate programmes offered by the Institute at any time during the entire duration of the programme; and
  • (iii) Students so admitted shall also not be eligible for MINOR courses as per current mechanism of the Institute for allotment of minor discipline.