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If you go through any books on design, there are a number of definitions that you will find on design. But the problem with these definitions is that they do not practically explain the concept and do not provide a layman definition of design. Our experience on the subject is that designing is more of an experience than a teaching.

Any individual is either born with certain skills or can be taught some skills. These skills can vary from poetry to painting, calligraphy to embroidery or music to carving. All these skills can either be naturally gifted or can be learnt through interest and practice. A lot of us believe that if we are gifted or learn any of the above skills, we have a flair or can become a designer.  what we do not realize is that the above skills are merely tools to help a designer and are actually only artistic skills. A designer may use any of the above tools to come up with an interesting idea or a product.

So what is it that makes a designer distinguished from an artist?

A designer is primarily a Problem-Solver. He or she endeavors to create unconventional yet practical solutions to a multitude of challenges we face in our daily lives. While a Fashion Designer takes care of both the comfort and style of the clothes you wear, an Interior Designer is responsible for making your house more visually appealing and functional. Similarly, a Jewellery Designer adorns you with exquisite ornaments. No matter what specialization you choose remember that your work will revolve around thinking creatively and differently and bringing a fresh perspective to whatever challenges you are confronted with.

Here it is important to understand the difference between an artist and a designer. Though both an artist and a designer deal with creation of something new, it is essential to note that an artist caters to the aesthetic sensibility of the viewer/audience; on the other hand a designer cannot afford to forget the main driving purpose or problem that he is working on.

To put it most simply, a designer uses his/ her brain and puts a thought behind everything he or she does.

And how does one start using ones brain?

That’s what we are going to learn in this course.

With this book as your guide, you should be able to face problems fearlessly and generate interesting and creative solutions to them. Not only this, you will learn tools and methods to communicate your ideas to others and take your first steps in the world of Design.

So get set to become a more creative person, more sensitive, more observant, more perfectionists, more decisive, more practical and smarter than others!!!

That’s the only way to crack this exam!



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