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Dear Student,



Thank you for your interest for NID DAT MAINS at TRENDZ ACADEMY.

Mission is still unaccomplished my friend ! and as you set your eyes on  next target, be prepared for a stiffer competition and hard work. but you already know that, don’t you ?

but do not worry. because you have just taken the best step in the direction closer between you and NID. when you commence your DAT MAINS PREPARATION with us, you will focus down to understanding this part of the exam in detail and amalgamate all your resources to go for the kill.

by the end of these sessions you will feel highly comfortable with the materials offered for this test along with a built up speed to come up with an interesting way of doing your model and  also executing it in the allotted time. your instructors will work with each one of you personally to raise your level of work to the expected standards. this is the target given to each trainer. And mind you, they are best equipped to help you. as they have been doing with our past many batches. the next few days are almost like being at NID. so get the feel of the kind of work that you are going to be doing for the next 4 years of your life. And if you enjoy these sessions, you are definitely cut out for a design career.

so look ahead to a fantastic career with your dream college. but this is the time to literally start  dreaming about your dream college. As the faculties of NID put it, you should be eating , sleeping and wearing Design to become a designer.


NID DAT MAINS Preparation Programme .

There will be a 3 hour session everyday and it includes-

Doodling Exercise

Observation Test

Material Handling

3-D Model Making


Drawing & Sketching *

Fee – Rs. 6000/-*


Seats are limited for the DAT MAINS BATCH. Please Register below to block your seat.

Registration form

For any further details call 9811035589 / 9811325589

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