MAEER’s MIT Institute of Design (MITID), Pune was established in 2006 under the guidance of today’s leading minds of Design education in India. MIT Institute of Design is offering programs at both Graduate and Post-Graduate level. The institute is dedicated to research as a part of its training in the indigenous design which visualizes and uses training in Industrial Design and visual communication as a tool of change in order to maintain design as a tool for sustainable competitive advantage. MIT Institute of Design aims to create a design community which will not only cater to the big industry but also to the small scale and rural industries and handicrafts.

The institute aims at leveraging India’s heritage, design capabilities, aesthetics and creative genius to become a Design Hub. The institutes approach to design education will reflect the emergence of knowledge economy and convergence of media, communication,entertainmentand information. MIT Institute of Design is committed to provide education that will add an advantage to its students and will remain for their lives.

The vision of the institute is to build a world class universally respected institution that fosters innovative thinking.