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Career in Architecture

Career in Architecture


Career in Architecture

What is architecture?

Architecture means the art and science of designing buildings and other physical structures. Architects are the real creators of amazing buildings and structures. Skyscrapers in metro cities would not have been possible without them. Remember that it is the because of the creative ideas of some that we have buildings such as the Burj-al-Arab in Dubai, Taiwan 101 in Taipei, Red Pepper House in Kenya and numerous other architectural marvels. It is up to the architect to convert his architectural design into reality and design it such that the structural aspects can be implemented practically.

Architecture as a career

Career in architecture is not only well paying but also gets the creative juices flowing. Architects can work with construction companies wherein they are asked to serve as a designer. Architects design structures and give physical face-lift as well as provide functional utility, safety and economy. The job of an architect is not limited to designing corporate offices; rather they design houses, apartments and colonies, industrial complexes, hospitals, hotels, airport terminals, stadium, shopping and commercial complexes, schools etc. Architects focus on how to make living easy and comfortable for people ranging from lower-middle class to upper-class and offer them housing and shelter with luxury and style.

Skills required

A person requires sound communication skills and immense physical stamina to get into the profession of architecture. He is expected to work on desk as well on the construction site. Excellent memory and sound concentration level, flexibility, patience, team spirit, responsibility and accountability, etc. are some common personality traits which are essential for professional success in architecture and design.

Different Roles – Different Names

• Architect: Literally an architect is someone who has got training from an architecture institute on the planning, design and oversight of the construction of buildings

• Architecture Designer: Architecture designers are the professionals who are involved in designing houses and other small buildings

• Architecture Engineer: These professionals have dual qualification of architect and a civil engineer.

• Interior Designer: Trained professionals can work with interior designing firms offering services in serene interiors, home interior, bedroom interior, bathroom interior, kitchen, furniture designing, etc.